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Papa Gabe

The purebred moyan poodle

Mama Mia

The marvelous purebred springer spaniel

Mama Tasha

The playful purebred springer spaniel

    Mia has been like a big sister to Tasha... responsible, happy and always by your side.  She is a faithful friend and amazing mother... always caring for her puppies, knowing just what they need.  She weighs 36lbs and has a gorgeous 'liver and white' coat that makes for beautiful babies.

    Tasha is a leader with eyes that say, "let's play." Now that she has puppies, she has become a caring mother yet still has kept her playful attitude. She weighs 33lbs and her beautiful tri-colored coat makes her shine.

    Gabe has been the perfect little buddy.  When sledding, he beats us down the hill and back up again.  He's full of energy, great with kids, and protective of his family.  When being held, it is hard to tell if he is real because he cuddles like a teddy bear.  He has curly, red hair and a distinctive white star on his chest. He has champion bloodlines and weighs 20lbs which classifies his size as moyan. You won't find a nicer poodle.  Everyone should have a Gabe.